Learn To Play Large Bass Jumps

As children we were told to walk before we run. Crawl before we walk. But that didn’t stop us from trying to walk, falling over, and running before we could. It’s all part of the learning process.

The same is true for learning to play the accordion. We try songs that are slightly too difficult for us, and I think it’s part of becoming a better player.

In the video below I show a set of exercises for practicing your left hand jumps from chord to chord. The idea is to progressively play larger bass jumps.

Start off with the next chord over. For example, from C major to G major, back and forth.
Once you're able to play that transition ten times smoothly (in tempo, at the same volume), move over to the next chord. C major to D minor. Back and forth. Ten times.
Then expand that range: C to Am. C to E. Finally, C to B.

Start slow, and build up speed with precision and confidence.

Get started now!

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