Learn To Play 15 Minute Practice

Targeted practice for just 15 minutes a day, several times a week, will have you playing in no time!

In the video below you'll notice I cover both right and left hand techniques, even though we likely only covered left hand techniques in these lessons. I think it's still useful for you to watch the 15 minutes of practice video to get an idea of how to practice, and how to apply that practice towards learning songs.

While practicing, aim for consistent speed and volume in your scales, triads, arpeggios, and chord jumps. Split your 15 minute practice into:

  • Right Hand Techniques (6 minutes)
    • Scales
    • Triads
    • Arpeggios
  • Left Hand Techniques (4 minutes)
    • Incremental chord jumps
    • Chord jumps for a specific song you are working on
  • Song Practice (5 minutes)
    • Play through a passage of a song
    • Memorize a line or passage of a song

Get started now!

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