Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens (Call Me By Your Name Theme)

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Micheline L - July 16, 2019 Reply

I am really intrigue about your teaching but I am just starting to play the chromatic Button accordion and wonder if you could help me. Could I learn from your teaching on the piano accordion or do you have courses for the button accordion?
Thank you

Ronen from Accordion Love - July 16, 2019 Reply

Hi Micheline, unfortunately I don’t know how to play the button accordion. There’s a site called Daddy Long Les ( which has received positive reviews. The left hand chords should be the same, as well as the melody, though I don’t know *how* the notes would be played on the chromatic accordion.

Micheline L - July 16, 2019 Reply

Thank you. I have signed up for a trial on your site and hope to find some help using lessons on the piano accordion. I had seen a piece where Moshe Zuchter was teaching the Chicken Song to a student but I cannot find it anymore. If you can help me on this it would be appreciated.

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