Roman Numeral Notation

Lesson 11 Chapter 1

Roman numeral notation in music is a quick way of communicating a song's chord sequence to yourself or to other musicians. As opposed to saying "this song goes from a D major, to a B minor, then to a G major and an A major", we can say "this song is in the key of D, and is a one six four five", and other musicians will understand you. That's the hope, at least 🙂

In this lesson I explain roman numeral notation, how to understand it, and I give several examples of how we can use roman numeral notation to communicate songs. 

This is a prerequisite to understanding song forms, or song templates, which are popular chord progressions.


  • 0:00 Introduction and benefits
  • 3:34 Write Down Scale
  • 5:45 Write Chords As Numbers
  • 7:34 Heart And Soul Example
  • 9:49 Transposing To A Different Key
  • 13:58 1 5 6 4 Progression (1564 livestream)
  • 16:58 Minor Scale Example (Forest Flowers)
  • 20:10 Communicating While Playing
  • 20:57 How To Practice (Let It Be)
  • 23:42 How To Practice (Don't Stop Believing)
  • 25:31 Stradella Bass System Logic
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