I know the chords of a song - but whats next?

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Thomas E
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I know the chords of a song - but whats next?

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I have been at sea for two month. In this time I've learned a lot of accompaniment different instruments. I don't know the songs but I've played the chords - and it sounds beautiful...
Slowly I' want to try to play by ear and without sheet music (to this time it's nearly impossible).
Now the question: If I can play all of the chords from James Last "Biscaya" - how I get the curve to play the hole song? Did I really need no sheetmusic?
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Re: I know the chords of a song - but whats next?

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Hi, Thomas! Nice to see you 'back'. As I struggled for myself with that issue, I can say: yes, it is possible. As soon as I can hum or sing at least the chorus or a phrase of the song, I look for the one chord which sounds best to this phrase, look then which tones are in that chord and try to start playing the phrase with on of the chord's tones. Ronen has a section with ear training somewhere in the lessons which train your ears to get faster and better. And there is an ear trainer by Peter M. Haas, in German and in English, which is quite useful, but costs about 15 Euros:
https://www.petermhaas.de/info/online-w ... s-premium/
Good luck!
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