Bass walkdown: Palm Brinks (Dark Cloud 2)

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Bass walkdown: Palm Brinks (Dark Cloud 2)

Post by Rayune »

Hey, guys. I've got a song that I would like to learn from my gaming days earlier in life. It's the Palm Brinks town theme from Dark Cloud 2, which you can see below:

I found the sheet music for it, as well, and it's a walkdown on the bass section while keeping a Cmin chord on the "pah-pah."

The thing is, I imagine it was written by a composer who didn't play the accordion and was just using the MIDI voice of the accordion. Trying to do those gymnastics with my fingers as a relative beginner is pretty tricky. My question is essentially how you would personally approach this fingering (counterbass has been my friend so far on my 72-bass), or whether there is some way in which you would adapt this to something analogous, but easier.
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Re: Bass walkdown: Palm Brinks (Dark Cloud 2)

Post by annadalvi »

That's a pretty tune.

While that walk-down is tricky for a beginner, it can definitely be done and is not so unusual in accordion music. It does involve using all 4 fingers on the left hand, and some stretching, but definitely not impossible.

As a beginner, the easiest workaround would be to not play the walk-down and stick to the C minor chord (possibly with alternating basses).
The next step up might be to just work on the walk-down itself (and leave out the pah-pah of the Cm chord).
When doing the walk-down, don't forget that counterbasses are your friends. Use them for the B and the A.

If you end up doing the complete walk-down with the Cm chord as well, I would suggest the following fingering:

C-cm-cm (4-2-2), B-cm-cm (3-2-2), Bb-cm-cm (5-2-2), A-cm-cm (4-2-2), Ab-cm-cm (5-2-2)
(and DEFINITELY use the counterbasses for B and A)

Hope that helps!
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Re: Bass walkdown: Palm Brinks (Dark Cloud 2)

Post by Kim N »

I read your post on the song Dark Cloud and really enjoyed the melodie although I don’t play video games. I like to use walkdowns on any song I can as it gives a song a certain enchantment. Thanks again for introducing me to this song.
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