Obscure Yann Tiersen Songs

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Cindy J
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Obscure Yann Tiersen Songs

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Hi All,

Wow, such an active online community! This is my first post, although I have been a subscriber for quite awhile now. I finally got over my shyness of playing for/with others when I recently got to play with Ronan in real life at the Powell River Accordion Festival. That was so much fun! I sure do enjoy his Sunday livecasts and reading all of your comments there too.

One of the things that inspired me to finally take up and learn accordion, was watching the Liberty Bellows videos of Kim (I wish I knew her last name) demonstrating various accordions.

There is one song in particular that has haunted me. It is the second one (starts 2:26) on this video linked below. After guessing that it might be a more obscure Yann Tiersen song, I checked through his recordings, and sure enough, the song is “The Man with Hanging Arms” from his album “The Lighthouse”. But I really love the way Kim plays this, and really want to figure it out, your help appreciated! Any other takers out there? The key is A minor and I just have the very first bit figured out, but get lost with all the fancy variation fingerings later on!

Btw, I saw Jann Tiersen in concert recently, as he is currently touring. However, he is doing experimental electronic “music” these days. Not a single instrument did he play (apart from what he was doing on his laptop). So, be forewarned, if you are thinking of seeing him!
Jan v
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Re: Obscure Yann Tiersen Songs

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Hello Cindy, I like your accordion, but when you started playing I could not find the pause button anymore. So wonderful.

Regards Jan.
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Re: Obscure Yann Tiersen Songs

Post by Coral_M »

Wow, what a performance! The accordion is lovely to be sure but you made it really sing. Thank you for brightening my day with your playing.
Ivo v
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Re: Obscure Yann Tiersen Songs

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You play your new instrument very very well.
I am jealous on your musicality.
And yes liberty bellows is a great resource to learn from
Atm i am running through all the beginners lessons I.e. My wild irish rose' is teaching you a nice base pattern
Ivo M.
Connie B
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Re: Obscure Yann Tiersen Songs

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Beautiful accordion and beautiful music.
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