Blues are the Clues

Just getting started with playing the accordion and have questions? Have a question about a technique? This is the place.
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douglas felsenthal
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Blues are the Clues

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We have been talking a lot about the blues lately. As you may know, I work most on improvisation. This is mostly, because I have a hard time memorizing someone else work and it gets frustrating. Anyway, the blues is perfect because there is no set pattern and it's all up to you. Playing it in any fashion you like causes folks to think you are a genius. Of course it's not that complicated at all.

The heart of the blues is the lick patterns. As you also know, I collect progressions to use in a similar way. So I started collecting some licks for the same purpose.

I've attached list of 10 for your use. Take note of how they are built. They are very repetitive and layout a pattern which makes them much easier than when they are laid out in sheet music form.

Good luck and sending me any samples of how use them. i would be most interested.

Thanks in Advance,


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Re: Blues are the Clues

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Hi Douglas,
When I was younger I loved to play blues improvisations by using bits of existing songs, the 'simpler' the better, my favorite was Mary had a little Lamb :) (others were hit the road jack, summertime, Eleanor Rigby). It would serve as a sort of theme that I could return to give the music a bit more structure. I don't know if those can be considered lick patterns?
Thanks for the list, I'll try them! Just got back into playing the accordion after a long break, but If I get the hang of the little lamb blues I'll upload a sample :)
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