Why 120 bass buttons

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Why 120 bass buttons

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Hi everyone,

Can someone explain what those redundant bass buttons are for? It seems all 12 independent scales can be played out by 72 buttons (12 rows). What is the reason to have those additional button? Thank you so much!
Ronen from Accordion Love
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Re: Why 120 bass buttons

Post by Ronen from Accordion Love »

Hi! Here is a quick answer:
It's purely for convenience. Like you said, all the chords are covered with 12 keys (12x6 = 72).

BUT, if you're playing a 72 bass accordion and are on the end of your key range, you'll have to go ALL the way across the entire bass system to get to the next key. While that's doable, it may interrupt the sound, and it's not easy to do. So instead, the keys are duplicated, to make it easier to play in those keys (E B F# C# G#, etc.)
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