Left shoulder pain when pulling bellows

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Left shoulder pain when pulling bellows

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I started learning about a month ago and already am experiencing pain in my left shoulder, which makes me think that something is wrong with my positioning.

I adjusted the straps as directed, but I'm having trouble finding a comfortable fit for my left hand in the strap, and think that I'm putting unnecessary pressure on my left shoulder for that reason. When I push the bellows while seated, the back strap tends to loosen on the left side. Any advice on how to position myself to prevent this?
Ivo v
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Re: Left shoulder pain when pulling bellows

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up front , I am not a teacher, but as I read that you are having muscles problems.
Maybe try to play as soft as possible and omit the strength in your muscles.
Maybe that shows you the right way and not press the bellows so much.

Hope it helps.
Ivo M.
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