Warm up & Avoiding injury

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Warm up & Avoiding injury

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Ronen, Is a topic on warm up appropriate for the forum? Your new website may have an area which collates all the good advice given but I’ve not found collation on your talks relevant to avoiding injury over the past year.
Below I’ve added three refs in addition to your own a) on an eBook playing without pain which has some physical warm ups suggested b) a talk on injury root causes and c) the Apple Posture Upright and Go trainer.
Of course you teach the real solution avoid the strain of having to read sheet music and know the pieces well enough not to have to strain looking at the keys ! Interesting to hear views/experiences of others. Thanks.

How To Wear Your Accordion (9min)

Adjusting Your Accordion Straps (5min)

How To Install Accordion Straps (7min)

How to avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain when playing accordion (8min)

Play Your Accordion Without Pain! (the late) John Bonica (Accordionist & Spinal Specialist)
http://www.musicforaccordion.com/eBooks ... /index.htm

Shoulder Pain and the Ignored Causes by Dr John Bergman D.C. (50min)

Choosing the right Accordion (15min)

UPRIGHT and Go posture trainer
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