Droning issues

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Droning issues

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My name is Heather, and this is the first time I'm posting to Accordion Love. I went to a Cirque du Solei show, Alegria, and came out thinking, "I want to learn how to play the accordion." Me, middle aged with just flute experience in junior high deciding to take up this complex instrument. I've now been playing for almost a year, but I am a mom and don't get my 15 minutes in daily. I didn't know about Accordion Love until this fall and had been working out of Palmer-Hughes book 1 and starting into book 2. There were some songs in there that had whole bass notes while the treble played quarter notes still. One is All Through the Night, which can sound very organ-like. Thing is, I can't hear the piano side when I drone. My first accordion was a 120 bass that I had serviced. When I got to those droning songs, I thought it was the accordion. I said something on Reddit, and they all said it was a reed quantity thing sucking all the air away. I suggested the accordion, and the repairman saw my post and told me no. I have a mentor (hence me playing 3-2) that I last saw this summer, and she also indicated it was me, but I don't actually remember if I had her play my accordion or not to show me it wasn't the accordion. She just indicated I would get it with practice. When I subscribed to Accordion Love, Ronan has a video on "Which rhythm do I choose?" He talks about droning. That makes complete sense when trying out a new song and eventually work up to an actual rhythm. I got a new (to me) 48 bass accordion this December (I do not plan on getting rid of the 120 bass). I play longer/more often with the 48 bass than I did with the 120 bass. The 48 bass does a little better at droning than the 120 bass, but I still lose the sound. And now I'm worried because if it is happening with two different accordions, it must be me. I've tried playing 2 eighth treble notes to one 1 quarter note bass, and I don't get the second eight note. I want to be able to play La Valse D’Amelie some day. Help!

Here is an example of my attempt at droning. I've been working on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Admittedly, it has some big jumps from Am, FM, Em, so I'm stumbling worse than usual, but I think it shows the problem, at least the first two measures when I'm playing more smoothly.

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Droning issues

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Welcome Heather! As you are moving the bellows while pushing the treble keys, it seems to me that it is not you, but something with the reeds. Hope you can ask an accordion expert.
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