Trip to Stradella

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Re: Trip to Stradella

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I loved the "I have to practice more" note in the margin. I always have that reaction when I watch/hear someone playing the accordion well! Sounds like a fantastic experience. I suspect in another trip or two you will come home with a new accordion!
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Re: Trip to Stradella

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Hi guys...

Today I would like to report on my trip to Stradella. I like the sound of Italian accordions - having one myself I know there are differences. Inspired by this post, I really wanted to see an accordion factory. I imagined a small mountain village where Italian moms cook spaghetti all day...
It wasn't all...
The town itself was more of a slightly run-down suburb and the accordion factory was more of a small shop.
I was traveling with 2 women and you could feel the disappointment...
But then the boss came... Guiseppe Spinelli... and he played something for us... you can see it for yourself right now.
I really want to buy the white accordion... the price is between 4500 - 8000 EUR.

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Re: Trip to Stradella

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Thomas that's absolutely great - and I'm so glad you went. I agree about the town, the shop etc - first impression all a bit underwhelming, then he grabs one off the shelf and starts playing and it's just magic. (And the dogs - entirely unmoved! So funny.)

I went back to Stradella a second time but didn't get any good film - I went to see Mr Beltrami's shop/workshop. Did you meet him? His accordions are absolutely beautiful - with a wood finish if you want (like Sinne's if you've seen him playing on the Forum), and you can choose any type of wood, keys etc, and also what you want it to have inside (voices, tuning etc.) - it takes about 6 months to get one made. The problem with that is I wouldn't know what to choose as regards the technical aspects - I think maybe for novices the best way is to find one you like and buy it, so the Stocco shop you went to is better from that point of view. Mr Beltrami says he can't play (I don't know if that can possibly be true) so he didn't demonstrate any to me. He did sell me a super bag for my 48-bass.

There is a 3rd workshop, ByMarco. Sadly Marco himself died recently, but I'm told the workshop is carrying on. When I went they told me they do most of their work with the local 'liscio' bands (waltzes, polkas etc: there's always a band playing, always including an accordion, at every village 'festa' round here, and people dancing). It's not my favourite style of music (but it is great fun). These bands seem to have loud brassy-sounding accordions whereas I'd like a softer, sweeter sound.

Did you see the museum? That's interesting if you like old accordions - they're so beautiful.

Thank you for your post. Let us know what you get!!!
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