Hello from Melbourne, Australia

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Hello from Melbourne, Australia

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Hi everyone, I'm so happy to be here!

I've been learning piano accordion for about five months now, mostly from youtube and through a couple of books.

It was during one of our long Melbourne lockdowns that I thought I'd take up piano accordion.

It was a crazy idea as I have almost no musical experience, but I went all in and bought a Hohner Stradivarius S5 48 bass.

I've enjoyed playing so much that I've now also bought a Hohner Concerto III 72 bass.

Both my accordions have been online purchases, but I followed all the tips and they're great :D .

I'm going around in circles at the moment with scales, chords and arpeggios and have just two songs on high rotation, so dying to learn with a bit more structure and oomph.

Nice to be here with you all!


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Re: Hello from Melbourne, Australia

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Hi Kelly Welcome to the Accordion Love Community! And welcome to another fellow Australian - I'm in Adelaide. A good place to start is learning the basics on Ronen's website. Ronen's livestreams are great to watch as well. :)
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