Hello from Maryland!

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Hello from Maryland!

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Good afternoon everyone and I hope you’re having a great day.

My name is James and I live in the great state of Maryland. I have been following the site and YouTube channel for a while, but I did not have an accordion. Though that has now changed and I purchased a Hohner 72 base entry level that should be here this week.

I originally was going to go with a diatonic Hohner Panther, but it was hard to find someone to teach the diatonic system and thought it would be too hard to teach myself. I have been playing piano and organ off and on since I was really young, so the piano key system would be a better fit for me.

My goal with learning the accordion is just to have fun. I love classical and even Slavic songs on the accordion. I am learning the Russian language (was for work, but now it is just a hobby) and I felt a connection to the instrument thought studying the Slavic culture. I hope to learn Russian standards like Dark eyes (Точно - Очи Чёрные», Katuysha (Катюша), and Moscow Nights (Московские Ночи). Even some of the other Eastern European songs sound great on the instrument.

I look forward to learning and relearning some techniques I’ve lost over the years. As soon as my accordion arrives, I’ll take a picture and post it.

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Re: Hello from Maryland!

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Hi James Welcome to the Accordion Love community! :)
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Re: Hello from Maryland!

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Hi James,
I am also in Maryland and have been learning accordion for a year now, through books and Accordion Love. I, too, played organ and keyboard off and on for years so opted for a keyed accordion. I am enjoying the variety of accordion songs and styles and hope to learn some polkas.
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