Hello from Vermont USA

Just joining the Accordion Love community? Introduce yourself and say hi to everyone :)
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Hello from Vermont USA

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Greetings accordion lovers!

My musical journey: As a kid, I took piano lessons, followed by classical guitar lessons, followed by playing guitar with friends and learning songs off of LPs (by listening to a track, then lifting the needle off the record and figuring out the chords). For about 50 years I played guitar for my personal enjoyment and for periodic sing-alongs or pulling together a DIY klezmer band for a party. 8 years ago I started learning Irish B/C diatonic button accordion. I've learned quite a few traditional Irish tunes, mostly by ear, but find this type of box is somewhat limited for other genres. When one of my Irish music friends told me she had a piano accordion in her closet that she couldn't play any more (too heavy!), I jumped at the chance to try it. I have been playing about a year. Right now I spend most of my practice time working on the French tunes on accordionlove.
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Re: Hello from Vermont USA

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Hi Ken Welcome to the Accordion Love community! Also to let you know there's a Tune of the Month challenge under the Showcase Your Playing tab. :)
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