May 2022 Challenge - Richard

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May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by lianshengzhou »

Hello Accordion Lovers,

I learned a new song this month, Tardes De Bolonha. I will use this song to connect to Bella Ciao with a V7. I tried to play multi-fingers for Bella Ciao, my left hand refused to cooperate with multi-finger right hand :lol: So I had to play the second part with only my right hand. I played very breifly for Bella Ciao with second round connecting from C minor to C# minor using minor VI to make it a bit different. Lots struggles :lol: :lol:

Thank you for watching and commenting!

Here we go,

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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by Reeka »

There's so much heart in your play, Richard! And I love the way you challenge yourself - that is how you you are growing. Thank you so much !
Chris N
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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by Chris N »

That first song is very wistful and moving - you played it very well.
I like the acoustic in your room too - it gave it some reverb that added to the effect.
It goes well with Bella Ciao played in a slower tempo. That made the whole performance quite melancholy and thoughtful.
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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by olivigus »

Really liked that first song, and you played it well. Inspired to learn it. I agree that it works well with a slower Bella Ciao. I love, too, that you're challenging yourself with the multi-fingered melody. Keep working and you'll have a lovely medley there.
Ronen from Accordion Love
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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by Ronen from Accordion Love »

Richard! That was beautiful (as usual). I love the soulfulness with which you play your melodies. You choose certain songs, too, that highlight beautiful melodies.
Nice transition, too, using the V7 chord :)

Work slowly, if you'd like, on that multi finger melody AND left hand.

Nice work!
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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by NC Poole »

That was stunning, Richard! What a beautiful song that first waltz is! The right-hand only on Bella Ciao actually sounded lovely, very dramatic, and your final chord progression was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :)
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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by Sinne K »

hi Richard, you play these melodies with so much feeling, great to listen to🤗
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Re: May 2022 Challenge - Richard

Post by ChrisB »

I love what you did around the 2:00 minute mark. That was so creative.
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