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December 2021 Monthly Challenge - Compose A Song

Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2021 9:16 pm
by Ronen from Accordion Love
Edit: Let's extend the deadline for this challenge until end of day Friday, January 7th, 2022, to accommodate for the holidays and family time :)

The last challenge of 2021! It's a fun one that incorporates a lot of the things we've learned over the last year.
Your challenge this month is to write a song using some or all of the following chords:

C major
G major
D minor
A minor

It's totally up to you what to do with these chords. What I'd *love* to see from you is an independence of the left hand - a rhythm or drone is fine - and then an introduction of melody on the right hand. It can be simple and easy, or complicated and full of tension.

Here is the video

Please don't be too intimidated by the concept of a "song". Watch what I do in the video and make it your own.
Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions :)