April Challenge - Sulamith

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Sulamith B
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April Challenge - Sulamith

Post by Sulamith B »

Hi everybody, I hope your doing fine :P

So, here is my "riff". (Later, at around 00:50, I use a note that's not in the C Blues Scale - it just happened, but I have to admit I like the sound of it...)

Trying to play along a backing track was an interesting experience, and fun, too.

:arrow: Here is the the backing track that I used:

All the best!
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Re: April Challenge - Sulamith

Post by Reeka »

Wow - its the G#, wasn't it? It fits perfectly the way you do it! So wrong notes there.
Ronen from Accordion Love
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Re: April Challenge - Sulamith

Post by Ronen from Accordion Love »

Sulamith, this was great! You played some really fun note combinations in there! Lovely to listen to.
And we have matching Weltmeister accordions :D
Thank you for the entry.
Kyle V
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Re: April Challenge - Sulamith

Post by Kyle V »

Hi Sulamith Well done on your performance. :)
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