April challenge

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April challenge

Post by fratangelo3 »

My name is Andrew. This is my first challenge. Started playing the accordian 2 weeks ago. Timing is way off. Only 30 seconds.
Kyle V
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Re: April challenge

Post by Kyle V »

Hi Andrew it's great that you gave this challenge a go, especially after only playing for two weeks. :)
Ann N
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Re: April challenge

Post by Ann N »

Hi Andrew - Two weeks playing and you took part in the challenge. Super! That was so good.
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Re: April challenge

Post by annadalvi »

What an awesome way to start playing the accordion. Sounds great. I look forward to seeing your next challenge.
Ronen from Accordion Love
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Re: April challenge

Post by Ronen from Accordion Love »

Andrew! Two weeks? So awesome!

Your fingers are moving really well. And you're right on the beat - good work!

As you continue to play (if you want to continue playing the blues) I'd encourage you to explore more note combinations. You were going up the scale in order so well. What does it sound like to break apart that order? For example, leaving some notes out, or repeating some notes a few times? You held on to one note longer, which was a cool change :)

Thanks for participating!!
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