April Challenge Jan

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Jan v
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April Challenge Jan

Post by Jan v »

Hi all,

This monthly challenge was the first time I ever played without a tune in mind and just see where my fingers go. A wonderful exercise which I will continue to do and put on my daily list.

The fun is far better with the video off :)

What an inspiration on this forum with all the learning and sharing !!!



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Re: April Challenge Jan

Post by Rudy1 »

Jan, great job of following the chord changes of the background music.
Ronen from Accordion Love
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Re: April Challenge Jan

Post by Ronen from Accordion Love »

Jan, I love what you do at the 22 second mark. Those triplets work really well.
You explore them again at 1m02s. Love it!
Great work!! Thank you :)
Kyle V
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Re: April Challenge Jan

Post by Kyle V »

Hi Jan Well done on your blues performance. It was a groovy tune. :)
Cindy C
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Re: April Challenge Jan

Post by Cindy C »

Great job Jan! This was new for me too and it is a good way to challenge ourselves. I liked your rendition of the blues.
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