Using "Fills"

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Using "Fills"

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A new lesson on what to do when the melody pauses. ... ith-fills/

From the lesson:
When there is a pause in melody - when there is a bit of silence in a song - you have a few options of what to do. You can leave the silence in there, and that's important to do, as I discuss in the lesson on silence. You can also use a "fill" to "fill-in" the silence.

The fill can be simple - a single note that connects one part of the melody to another - or it can be more complicated - filling-up the empty space with fancy ornaments and runs of notes based on the scale.

In this video I show you several examples of filling-in the silence. You can find detailed breakdowns of the technique (trills, ornaments, mordents, semi-tones, triads, etc.) in the "Advanced Right Hand Technique" section of the Beyond The Basics unit.
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