Thank you! January challenge wrap-up

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Thank you! January challenge wrap-up

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Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who participated in the January 2021 Ear Training challenge.
It was wonderful to see the variety of learners and instruments, and to try out your different ear training exercises. I loved doing them and I hope you did as well.

Keep doing these exercises! Add them to your 15 minutes of practice. Repeating these exercises - even ones that you've done five times already - it beneficial. See if you can play back the exercises with more musicality. Can you add some spark to the melody?

Like I do in the video, once you become familiar with an exercise, can you play along to the recording? Can you add a left hand? Can you harmonize with the recording? I think these ear training exercises can act as quick backing-track exercises. Watch the person as they are about to play - can you play the first note together with them? Can you hear the exercise while you play?

I think these are worthwhile exercises to keep coming back to.
Thank you again for contributing!

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