Used Accordions--central coast California

Buy and sell accordions and accordion-related parts.
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Larry T
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Used Accordions--central coast California

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If you are in central California, Valdet Jakubovic (Accordion Repair Shop San Jose) performs very affordable expert accordion repair and sells a wide variety of used accordions also at very reasonable prices. By appointment only, mostly on weekends and late afternoons and evenings on weekdays. Valdet also rents out accordions if you are learning to play accordion and not yet ready to dive in and buy one or if you need one in a pinch. You may trade in any accordion you buy from Valdet towards a better quality accordion as your skills progress. Valdet is very knowledgeable and personable, all work is guaranteed. Website:
Nikolai L
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Re: Used Accordions--central coast California

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I just posted about Valdet on the Accordion Repair topic! He is awesome!
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