I have too many accordions!

Buy and sell accordions and accordion-related parts.
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Peter M
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I have too many accordions!

Post by Peter M »

Hi All,
First post - although I was one of the first Patreon supporters of Ronen's efforts after I had watched many of his videos!
I started with accordions some time ago as a curiosity and was equally enthralled by the musicality and the mechanics involved! Having been trained in Piano - particularly chord theory - the accordion was a perfect traveling companion for me!
Over the years I've found many accordions, fixed them up and then sold them at stupid-cheap prices to people who are interested in learning. (Anyone remember me at the Squeezebox Slams down in Somerville, MA?)
Anyway, if you live anywhere near central NH and are looking for an accordion to get started with, I likely have one for you that I'd sell at very reasonable prices. I tend to collect accordions that aren't full size; myself preferring 37/96 sizes, usually with a musette. I have a bunch of vintage Hohners, etc. My favorites are my Hohner Lucida IVs (I have two) that are 37/96, with a full four reed banks in the treble. (LMMH). I also have smaller ones like Arriettas, etc.
Unfortunately I'm not going to travel or ship them as that would be expensive. But, if there is interest, let me know and I can go take inventory of what I have and post it here.
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Re: I have too many accordions!

Post by Enjay »

Hi Pete,

What a wonderfull account of your accumulation of accordions and the journey that got you there, thanks for the share. I got the impression that you favoured the 96 Bass format which interested me. Are my impressions correct and if so what is it that makes that a sweet spot?

Unofrtunately I live in Australia so I cant avail myself of your kind offer of sale.


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Re: I have too many accordions!

Post by Purplelidka »

I totally understand your passion for smaller accordions.
Do you have an extra 37/96 accordion with musette for sale? Unfortunately, I am not in NH.
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