Buying a New Accordion

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douglas felsenthal
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Buying a New Accordion

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While reading another post, the member said they had trouble with a new instrument because the keys were not the same.

While I was buying my last instrument, I discovered there are differences. The keyboards come in various sizes. I looked into this. I had been playing recently at this point and also didn't want to make any undo shifts in key size.

I found that I was playing a instrument with .75" keys. This is measured on a per key basis. Actually, I think this might be a ladies model. Which makes some sense in that the instrument I was playing I bought when I was 12. But as I said, I didn't want to upset the playing cart. So I carefully, looked for a machine which was the same. I might note, sometimes, the instruments are measured by the complete length of the keyboard. In my case it's 17 5/8". But that can be a mis-leading dimension. The keys are what the fingers fall on.

The goal is to have an octave between a comfortable stretch of your thumb and pinky finger. So when determining, put a tape on your stretch hand and see what that is. You cover eight notes in that distance and can determine the key width. In my case, my stretch was just over 8". That makes my key size 1". However, my current instrument was .75" so I wanted to keep it the same for the continuity of playing across both instruments. Also, my thumb size is just under 1" and you don't to be pushing two keys at once with your thumb.

I hope that this small bit of information is helpful for anyone looking for another machine. You can't have too many you know. As with the Sunday livestream, each instrument has it's own unique value and sound.

Steven M
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Re: Buying a New Accordion

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Good info Doug.

Thanks for posting.
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