Learning The Accordion Doesn't Have To Be Frustrating 

Join over 10,000 students from over 200 countries and start playing today!

I help you take the frustration out of learning the accordion

but how?

Want to Improve at Improvisation? 

I help you understand how a song is structured, so you can go beyond the printed sheet music and master your creative play.

Want A More Solid Musical Foundation?

You'll learn musical foundations - both right and left hands, so you can explore rhythms and styles from around the world. Waltzes, marches, polka, and more!

Want to Find a Specific Song?

Can't find the song you want to play in our library? Request it and I'll teach you how to play it. Start playing the songs you want to play, not the ones the books tell you to play.

Want to Play By Ear?

Each song comes with printable sheet music as well as a video lesson that has note-by-note instructions. The choice is yours!

Hi, I'm Ronen, Your Teacher.

I could tell you how I was struggling to play the accordion and that I came across a magic formula and secret that changed my playing  forever. But I’d be lying. In reality playing the accordion came quite easily to me.

I was trained classically on the piano but I also have a unique learning style where I play things by ear.

I’m a teacher, not a marketer. In my work and personal life I do my best to communicate the technical side of things in a way that you can understand.

It’s with these two streams  - the traditional musical education and my own intuitive learning methods  - that I’ve been teaching the accordion to tens of thousands of students, from over 200 countries, who view my videos over 52,000 times a month.


Check what our students say about us

Today was a monster breakthrough moment for me and I am just super stoked as I can finally play the left and right hand separately... I am on my way closer to my goal everyday and I just wanted to say a big thank you for your site and videos.

Jeff T.

After watching your videos, everything just clicked. Now I am absolutely in love with the accordion and it is something that defines who I am on this Earth.

Vince S.

This is great, very clear, repeated enough for clarity and absorption but not to the point of wasting any time, and made very nice and complete without saying "But you probably already know this". You must have taught people all this before - it doesn't come out that clearly if you haven't worked on it some.

M. Anderson

I really enjoyed your lesson and you teach very well. I know the chords and notes but not how to play very well by ear. You really help me to put the theory into practice and I am learning a lot. I love these tutorials. This could help me get my accordion playing to another level.

R. Walsh

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